Iberia aimed to create a card that would reflect the lifestyle of its users: forward-thinking, adventurous, and cosmopolitan individuals. They sought a one-of-a-kind product, an icon that would defy norms and constantly evolve. Purchases, Avios, travel, and technology converged around the brand.

At Zapiens, I had the opportunity to collaborate and learn on this exciting project, contributing ideas and taking part in the creation process of the Iberia Icon app.

Graphic Designer

Visual identity

Iberia Icon 2021

Iberia Icon aimed to develop a private mobile space that is user-friendly, informative, professional, and visually appealing. Always following Iberia’s style guide and improving user accessibility.
The Iberia Cards app simplifies your financial experience, offering a straightforward process. It lets you visualize the equivalence between purchases and Avios, adding an emotional connection. Discover destinations with ease.
The final result turned out to be pleasing to the client, accessible and intuitive. It was many months of effort and learning where my UX and UI skills were significantly reinforced.

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