Within this section, I’d like to showcase a selection of icons that I’ve crafted for various companies. The process of creating these icons brings me immense joy, as it provides an opportunity to escape into a realm of imagination and construct a simple yet impactful visual language from the ground up.

Graphic Designer

Creative direction


Here, I’d like to introduce you to a set of icons crafted for Santander Bank. These icons feature a friendly, rounded design, tailored specifically for online banking.
Below are a set of icons crafted for a digital conversational assistant. This assistant is built around three core principles: immersing users into the cities they arrive in right from the start, striking a harmony between personal life and work, and promoting environmental stewardship.
These icons were made for the Brookyn Fitboxing app, designed to provide a training experience that blends boxing and kickboxing movements without physical contact on professional bags, along with functional training intervals for a comprehensive and effective workout.
Iberia Cards’ credit cards have a unique feature – they turn your purchases into Avios, a valuable currency that you can redeem for flights, hotel stays, and more. Below, you’ll find the icons I’ve crafted for the application, neatly categorized into two sections: one emphasizing the banking aspect and the other focusing on the digital realm.

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